Thursday, 14 June 2018

Technology reflection-Fe'ao(Day 1)

On Thursday the 7th on June 2018 the year 7 & 8 were going to Technology. We were switching classes. I was in cooking and now I want to see what class i'm going to be in now! Once we arrived there we had to stay in a line with our group, so we can see what classes we are in. The Teachers are going to pick us up like when we went to technology in the begging.I thought that I was going to be in hard materials but I went to graphics. When we went in there it was really warm! It felt like having a good sleep with my blanket in a classroom! she told to have a sit. The Teacher name was Ms.Ferguson. She told us to sit in a table if we don't have our chromebooks we could use one of her computers. Ms.Ferguson showed us how to make our own avatar. And we had to make something that relate to us. Ms.Ferguson told us that we are going to be making Phone Stands! If you guys don't know what is a phone stand, a phone stand is something to hold your mobile phone if you run out of hands. For example, you can use a phone stand if you need to do some cooking stuff!
Well I hope you guys like my reflection about Technology, I'll see you guys next time! Goodbye!       

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Camp Activities Reflection(A-Z Camp Vocabulary)-Fe'ao

Today room 10 and 9 was working on there Camp booklet. Camp booklet are what we do once we were in camp. But we are still doing it. The task that I wanted to do was task three/A-Z Camp Vocabulary. Miss Komor told us that when it's 10:00(Ten O'clock)Some of us are going to be showing what we have done. Well I only did 10 because I came in late.

This was a hard task to do. I guess? Because It had to relate what we had did in Camp!? If you guys don't know what I am talking about. I will tell you guys. There's the letters A-Z. Within that There are you can see the letters of the alphabets going down, you will need a pencil or a pen to do this! And you will need to write down what with that starting of that letter. For an example A= Air rifles,Achievement. The word that I didn't found easy was the letter G. Because I couldn't find what word I could write for the letter G.
Hope you guys enjoyed my reflection!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Camp reflection 2018-Fe'ao

Today we had to write about a reflection that had to relate to where we had went and that's to camp raglan! Camp was awesome my brother told about when he went to camp back in 2016 in term 4. It was really cold in camp but that didn't stop us from going. We had great time having a blast there, here's my reflection about camp. It was fun making great memories this year! I hope you guys will enjoy my reflection!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My preparation for ako evening-Fe'ao

Today we had write about the ako evening but I wasn't here so Miss Komor told me to write about my preparation link

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pasta salad Reflection

Today the year 7 and 8 students from Tamaki primary school went to technology. When we arrived there we had to get ready for cooking! The year 7 were cooking  pasta salad.
First:we had to boil one half of water.
Second:Add the macaroni into the pot with the boiled water.
Third:when it's cook, drain the macaroni with cold water.
Forth:Get your pan and cut you ham and put it into the pan.
After that add the macaroni with the mayo and the ham then mix it.
When that's done you can sever it with a small white bowl and enjoy!
I think this was challenging for me because i'm not good at cooking but I can get better while i'm in  this cooking class!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Technology Reflection-Fe'ao

This is my Reflection about Technology, it's about what I found hard and challenging and also what we had done in the cooking class. 2 more things are that also want to tell is that you guys can also copy the ingredients! And you can try all of this and try your cooking! I hope you enjoy reading my reflection! 

Friday, 9 March 2018

PB4L:Expectations while in the toilets-Fe'ao

WALT:Use our information into a DLO(Digital Learning Object)Today we were learning about what we should do while in the toilets, you guys think why are we doing this? Because some kids don't know how to use the toilets well. So here's my DLO. Hope you enjoy reading what I have done!