Monday, 10 December 2018

5 things I enjoyed this year!

Hi today I have been reflecting about this year and how it has been my favorite year and like my 5 favourite  things that I enjoyed this year. Well if you want to hear more you could read this slide that I provided right here.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Freestyle Writing-Fe'ao

WALT:Freestyle write based on an image.

Today our Teacher (Miss Komor) asked us to write a story
about a picture. This is what I wrote.
Tell me what you think in the comment section down below.
The Wind Rushed through her hair as she descended the mountain at great speed for most children this would be exhilarating, even terrifying experience, but for Lucy it was just an ordinary journey to School. Lucy’s house is like a massive tree house and the tree is humongous and also really strong.

Her school looks like an ordinary school but her school is an FBI and her teacher is a human yellow looking squid. And there is no similarities to my school.

Lucy is having the time of her life! It looks like that she is going to fall over and her days and her life is over. But she doesn't notice about it.

Because it looks like that she is worried about something.She has two guns two knives and a sword and a statute of herself. Because it would be hard to like get down and walk to school.

And you are wondering how she gets into her house. Well she has two knives and she uses it to climb up the tree house.
When she gets to her house.
Why are you late shouted Lucy Dad
Lucy Say nothing to her dad.
Then suddenly Lucy starts running into her room.
Why are you running? Why are you are!? Her Dad says questioning her daughter.

Then Lucy walks over to her Mirror looks at herself and says why is my life miserable. Then she punches her window and then goes to her mum and her dad then she kills both of them with her knife then she went down to the School (Actually a FBI place)
And know her next mark is Alo Hingano.
To be Continued

Turing old into new-Fe'ao

WALT:Use Analysing Skills to identify
Key ideas

Hi my name is Fe'ao and Today in Reading we have reading this book called where to next?
So the book was all about like recycling and turning waste into something useful. And like how different types of objects that we use today are made.
If you want more information you could watch right down here. Where it's provide for you guys to watch. And Alo help me do this and you can go and visit his blog just click here
Hope you enjoy watching our video bye!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Athletics Reflection-Fe'ao

WALT:Reflect on what we have done in an event that happen.
I had lots of fun going Athletics day! Everybody was participating and having a growth mindset. We had to wear our house team colour. My team house was green, the name was Benghazi. We had to race with others and other fun things! So this happen on Friday the 16th on 2018. This event was happen in  TPS(short for Tamaki Primary School). Room 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and parents. What I enjoyed there was all of the racing events that happen. Why this event happen, what I think the purpose for this was to fresh our minds and just have fun!

How I show the school values in this event was cheering other people on even if there are not in Benghazi making others believe that they could do anything if they believe in their self! And giving it all you got and just having a growth mindset! It was a hot bright sunny day, kids from Tamaki primary was hyped to get ready. The sun was to hot it even made the concrete at Tamaki primary was really,really hot! Even the ground got sunburn! That's why we had to put on sunscreen. I was threatened by the sun brightness. What did I ever do to deserve this?! But we just had fun and having a positive relationship and using the word teamwork. Then we had to do our chants then they had to say who won in Athletics day. And it was Benghazi! Benghazi went crazy! After all of that we had to pack up but my mum came to pick me up as soon as we had to pack up so then I grabbed my stuff, I told Miss Komor then I went with my Mum to go back home.     

New Zealand Environment/Native Bush-Fe'ao

Hi my name is Fe'ao and today we have been learing about pest and about our environment and how pest could effect us and what happened in the past, present and what would happen in the future? So this is what I came up with hope you enjoy reading!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Kia Manawanui Maths Assessment using Screencastify Reflection-Fe'ao

WALT:Show other our strategy and how we solved it.

Hi my name is Fe'ao and today I have been learning about Division, 
Fraction and Decimals this year. And today I have been solving problems that had to do with Division, Fraction and Decimals. We had to work out how we solve the problem. After this we had to video yourself(using Screencastify). About the problem, what is the meaning, how did you solve it and what did you use to solve this problem.
If you want to see an example of this you could watch my video that I provide for you guy and anybody just click here .
That's all what I have for you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you guys next time.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

My Critical analysis of a still image-Fe'ao

WALT: use our analysing skills and to think the the photo is telling us.
Today in class we have been learing about Analysing and how we can refer to the picture(Photos). We were talking about how we can use our analysing skills from now on and through the future.
There were three different types of picture's. Number 1,2 and 3. We had to look at the picture and to use our Analysing skills to refer to what is going on the this photo. We had to talk to others about what is going on in this photo. We had to look at the question that was provided for us with these pictures.

Who took the photo? Someone who wanted to show us the other side of life. The reason why I am saying this it's just because their a place where other people are happy but others are not. So that's why he/she has took this photo, because he knows that there are other people or family who is still looking for happiness and peace.

How is the subject represented in the photo? So this is my opinion about what I think this is representing. So this Subject represents the pollution or like war. Because you can see that there's a Tank that he is jumping of!
What kinds of messages are being conveyed? What I think the messages is trying to say is like this is what would happen if you don't take care of the world if this is the world in the future... Are you happy know? This is what you wanted. Be careful of what you do or chose. Because that will affect the future.
How do different parts of the image contribute to these messages? So What I think part of this means like what I said before it's like a message about not polluting and what I think they are trying to stop war! because there is a Tank in this and this might refer to pollution and War. And they are trying to stop it.
What if the photo was taken from a different angle or cropped differently? It would look like he is trying to get something if it was on a different angle. It would look like he is trying to reach for the sky or it just look like that he is falling down.
Who might the intended audience be? I think they would be people who wants to get rid of pollution and trying to stop war people who just want peace.Well that is my opinion that is what I think.
How might different groups of people respond to the image? What I think how they would respond to this is, they are going to be shocked because it a kid and it looks like that his people are gone and people are polluting in this planet. And some would be heartbreaking.
Well this is all what I have hope you guys enjoyed reading and also have a great day!