Monday, 10 September 2018

My Pepeha-Fe'ao

Today in the kia Manawanui syndicate we were doing another Pepeha again! But something different we had to film about us, talking about our Pepeha and going to speak in te reo maori. Since this week is te reo maori week. Well I hope you enjoyed My Pepeha!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Technology Reflection-Fe'ao

WALT: Design/Make our own phone stand.
In Graphics/Technology, Ms Ferguson,

We had to look at different types of shapes between 2D shapes and 3D shapes. What my top 3 shapes were,was a meregoround, a coke can and a dice. After looking at the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D shape have to make a google drawing.

And we have to find difference of shape, of it. Like a circle and cylinder/sphere you would have to find pictures that, something relates to that shape. Well I'm not done that because Ms Ferguson had to call us because we were going to draw a star. Each of us got a compost, it's something that you use making circles. It looks easy to do but it's hard to draw it with. Other were finish but I wasn't because I forgot how to do it! Then we had to pack up and head up to the bus!

Music Reflection-Fe'ao

WALT:Play music and understand the different type of interment that we are play.
I had a great time during Music we get to learn the Guitar and we got to play different songs. Once we got to the Music room we had a little game, it's like when you make a roster face with our hands. After that you put your hands in front of your face and the two little  holes hat you make with your hands are the eyes. When that's done Caleb will put on the Tempo and you have to make a chicken impression. And you swipe your left or right hand to the opposite side of where your hand is. After having a good game of that Caleb told us, "that we will be playing Guitar". WE learnt how to play I gotta feeling and every cat growls. What I found changeling was trying to play the C minor because you wouldn't have to touch the other strings between it. And What I learnt was how to play a new song on the Guitar and what harmony means!

Museum Reflection-Fe'ao

WALT:Reflect about what we have done and what we learnt in the Museum.
I really enjoyed being in the museum I get to learn new things and I loved the trip! Once we got off the bus these two nice ladies introduced their self. There names were angiqle and I think the other one was Maddy? They said that we were going to split us into to two groups I went with Tom and eran, we knew them back at school. There were going to show us the volcano exhibit. Every think was amazing was awesome when I went there. What I enjoyed there when we went inside the house it felt like a real volcano eruption! The house was shaking like it was an earthquakes and than we did some looking around and doing a work sheet that we got from the teachers back at school. And also we got some phones for us to take pictures! What I would change in the museum is there would be more shaking but not in the house but the whole exhibit and make more room and make the volcano really exploded! After that we went to go eat our lunch. After that we went to go swap over we stay with angiqel show us a lot of fun technology and that was V.R(Virtual reality), Stop motion, Robots, Paint 3D, Tinkercad and green screen. What I enjoyed playing with the most was the V.R because it looks like you are really in it! What was challenging for me was the tinkercad, because it was hard to make your own disgin with 3D block. Then we ate our lunch, we came inside and we had to buddy up with someone and we had to plane about what we’re going to do for our project on Friday. Finally we went inside the bus and went back to school. What I could think of going to the trip was remarkable! And I couldn’t wait for the next museum trip.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Cross Country practise-Fe'ao

On Tuesday the 7th of August I was practicing with Faka'ata, Tevita, Demetrius, Carra and Corrole for Cross Country, with Ms Gormoly. She said that were going to jog/run out on the streets. Not on the road! Just on the sidewalk. When we were going out of bounce to have a run all of us just started running then I already felt tired! That was a challenge for me because I would feel like i'm going to collapse right into the ground, I tried to catch up to Tevita and Demetrius but I wouldn't get up to them and that was my challenge, never giving up and always going for the win! And the one thing  that I enjoyed is was running around and practicing for Cross Country!
Hope you enjoyed reading my reflection! Goodbye!         

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My preparation for ako evening-Fe'ao

This is my preparation about ako evening. The reason why I am doing this... Well you will see on my reflection. Other then that see you guys around!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Visual art Reflection-Fe'ao

Today we have been working on our art called our visual art. This is art that is different to our other art. We have make an visual art that need to relate about what we have learnt like how day and night happen and the different types of phases, of the moon. And there has to be one thing that has to represent us. So first we had draw our visual art on a A4 paper for our ralph draft and then when we are finish we have to show our visual art to the teacher and then we will get A3 paper and make our good copy on it. And this is my good copy. There is not much detailed like my ralph draft has.
The reason I draw this because I think that it would be cool if the earth would be in the bottom and the sun and the moon will be there. One thing that represent me there is a basketball there in space you can't see it it's near the moon.
The reason why I put these patterns because it would look cool next to the sun and the moon. And also I didn't know what other thing I will draw on it.
Well that's all for now hope you like it And I will see you guys next time. Goodbye!