Wednesday, 23 November 2016

At the movies.

On thursday at EOTC week we went to the movies. I felt so great when we had to go.But some of the grown ups came and looked after us.I was with my friend Jose.When we were all in the movies.The movie started but there was a minion commercial thing but after that the movie started and the movie was Secret life of pets.There was a dog called Max he had the best owner that was a girl but she a big girl.They were great buddies but one day Max had a brother and he was hairy and big but Max did not like him. And the big dog name was day some one was taking them to the park and then Max and Duke got lost and then Max got hurt by all of the cats and then Duke ran away and then a bunny came but it was so mean that it can kill you.The bunny free this team and it was a dog too.Max and Duke lied to them and told them thst they hate people.So the bunny told them that they have to do what the bunny says.When there were at the sewers Duke killed a snake and they got lost.They saw a man with some food Max and Duke looked so stuberd but the man ate it all.Max and Duke smell some food and they saw a food factor.At the End Max and Duke was droning and then the bunny saved them and the bunny got an onwer now and the bunny was so happy and that was the End of the movie I did not tell some of them but who cares.So we went back to school.


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